Friday, August 5, 2011

Secret Six #36: Caution to the Wind Part 2: Blood Honor

Cover by J. Calafiore
and John Kalisz
Secret Six #36: Caution to the Wind Part 2: Blood Honor (August 3, 2011)
Writer: Gail Simone
Penciller: J. Calafiore
Colorist: John Kalisz
Letterer: Travis Lanham

The current DC Universe is slowly dying out to make way for the re-launch next month. While all the classic series will be rebooted, there are a great many that, sadly, will not be revived. Secret Six is one such series and, as written by Gail Simone, is one that fans of DC are currently mourning most fervently.

After reading #34 and #35, I knew I had to see this arc conclude and what should become of this ragtag group of villains. Though I am still struggling with keeping track of each character and their backstories, I have definitely become enamored with each of them and their ability to be engaging, dynamic, distinct, honorable and funny characters while still openly being villains. Simone’s run on the Secret Six has only emphasized her strength as a writer for me. She managed to never let me forget that these were in fact, the bad guys (and capable of terrible deeds) but she also made me care about them greatly.

It also speaks to her talent that she managed to give this series a pretty awesome conclusion, one befitting the characters’ personalities and relationships to one another.

I would rather not go into the plot in great detail as I would really recommend people to pick this issue up but suffice it to say, Simone employed very interesting narrative framing choices, a bit of a twist and an exceedingly exciting fight scene involving most of the DC Universe in Gotham. I have to admit that I always get geekily excited whenever a large group of DC heroes are in one room together (my love of Justice League Unlimited probably planted that in me) so to see all of them pitted against the Secret Six was great fun, indeed.

Calafiore is still a great artist and his renditions of these characters are as integral to their appeal to me as Simone’s writing. The fight scenes, in particular, were very impressive. I quite enjoyed his interesting use of perspective and panel placements, as well.

Overall, I wish I had had more time to become more familiar with this particular run of the Secret Six before it had to end for the re-launch. I know I would’ve found this very satisfactory conclusion even more enjoyable and quite literally perfect.

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