Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Deadpool: The Circle Chase #2

Cover by Joe Madureira
Deadpool: The Circle Chase #2 (September 1993)
Writer: Fabian Nicieza
Penciller: Joe Madureira
Inker: Mark Farmer
Colorist: Glynis Oliver
Letterer: Chris Eliopoulos

I'm going to be honest. I keep reading this comics hoping I'll find another awesome ad like the Batman Returns one. Sadly, there wasn't one as jaw-droppingly insane as that one, though there were a few for Dragon Strike, an introductory Dungeons and Dragons role-playing game that featured 3D graphics on VHS. Pretty ridiculous but definitely lacking.

Anyway, on to the actual comic. This was actually more enjoyable than the previous one if only for the fact that Nicieza finally had one main storyline to focus on rather than spending the entire issue introducing multiple characters and attempting to haphazardly tie them all together.

We did finally meet Vanessa, Deadpool's apparent mutant ex-girlfriend and learned a little bit more her connection to Tolliver and his will. We also know understand more about just what's in Tolliver's will and why so many people are after it. I was amused, however, by the rather dated technology in the comic, such as a floppy disk that dozens of mercenaries are willing to kill for. I sort of miss floppy disks. Actually, never mind they were terrible.

Anyway, the plot was alright and featured a couple solid fight scenes, especially one on a hijacked airplane. Deadpool was only vaguely annoying and the Juggernaut wasn’t terribly over-the-top surprisingly. There was super cringe-inducing moment of ham-fisted product placement when Deadpool, as he watches  the sought after briefcase getting banged around during a fight scene, hopes aloud that the case is a Samsonite. God, that was annoying and so, so painful. It honestly hurt me, Nicieza. It was like you smacked me over the head with a Samsonite and expected me not to notice or mind.

Like last time, the art was just bleh except for one series of panels that I really detested that featured the central characters’ floating heads against a solid orange background. No necks, no details, just free-floating heads staring as the sought after briefcase falls to the ground. It was stupid and rather weak; very much the easy way out.

There’s still not much to talk about with these comics but at least I’m becoming more versed in Deadpool’s history. But at what cost, I ask you!