Friday, May 11, 2012

Deadpool #54

Cover by Dave Johnson

Deadpool #54 (May 9, 2012)
Writer: Daniel Way
Penciller: Alé Garza
Inker: Sean Parson
Colorist: Dommo Sanchez Amara
Letterer: Joe Sabino

I’m really torn about this issue.

For one thing, I am impressed with Way’s handling of what seemed to be a dead-end arc. While I had no idea how Way was going to conclude the Dead arc, I certainly wasn’t expecting this. Way managed to imbue new life into Deadpool so as to begin a new chapter in this character’s chaotic career. From this perspective, this is the perfect way to conclude a story arc and still pique the reader’s interest to see where Deadpool will be going after this.

On the other hand… I WANT MY OLD DEADPOOL BACK.

Okay, if you haven’t read Deadpool #54, I highly suggest you stop reading because I am about to totally spoil it for you; I need to get this off my chest.

Deadpool is handsome now.

Seriously. This is what Deadpool looks like now:

I feel weird.
 For those of you who haven’t been reading the Dead series, Deadpool has been trying to get himself killed for a while now. A couple of issues ago, Hydra Bob injected Deadpool with a special serum that will make him mortal. Meanwhile, Deadpool’s been pitting teams against one another and trying to master plan a fake turf war in order for someone to kill him.

Of course, strategic planning was never Deadpool’s strong suit so everything is quickly unraveling and poor Hydra Bob, Deadpool’s only real friend though he’s too crazy to realize it until it’s almost too late, is caught in the middle and now has a price on his head.

Meanwhile, that serum that Hydra Bob injected him with not only turns him mortal, but it also apparently heals his cancer, gets rid of his scars and makes his hair grow into a stupidly trendy style. It’s a little weird.

Look, when I turned the page and saw pretty boy Wade Wilson staring up at me, I didn’t quite know what to think. For one thing, I was just stunned to see what Wade really looks like as I have been crippled with that curiosity since I became a Deadpool fan. It was kind of like someone spoiling an upcoming movie I really wanted to see and I had no other reaction except, “Huh. Really?”

Another part of me just loves the fact that Wade has FINALLY realized he does have friends. For some long Wade has been rather self-pitying in his loneliness and inability to trust anyone while poor Hydra Bob has basically been flailing his arms, screaming, “I CARE ABOUT YOU! I WANT TO HELP YOU!” And of course, Wade just steps all over him.

Now, however, Way managed to put some heart into Deadpool and make him not only accountable for his actions but also aware of how they affect others. For someone who has spent countless issues desperately wanting to die, it’s just refreshing to see him finally realize his life means something to the people around him. It’s very George Bailey.

This made me so fangirlishly happy.
Yet, with this twist, everything that made Wade Wilson Deadpool is gone: his healing factor, his cancer, his love of danger and even his scars. Now I have to get used to this other guy who can die, who has a friend that he cares about and who is freakishly handsome.

I really am curious to see where Way goes with this. I know Wade Wilson can’t stay like this forever. He’s Deadpool and Deadpool is not this guy. I mean, he used to be before Weapon X but he isn’t the Deadpool we all know and love.

There’s been a lot of mixed reactions online to this conclusion but ultimately, I am very hopeful to see where Way takes us. Look, a little shake-up is always good in a storyline and Way did more than that. A part of me is happy Wade gets to be normal again, though I selfishly don’t want it to last.


  1. Probably the most accurate summation of this issue I've read yet.

    However, everything that makes Deadpool himself is not gone I hope. We still have the yellow speech bubbles for one thing. He'll probably keep the costume, too. And I think this period of time that he's the old Wade Wilson will add context to the character he became and what he will become. You'll probably realize you've been catching glimpses of him all along without realizing it.

    On a parting note: Being more lucide doesn't make one sane.

    1. Thank you for reading and your response! I appreciate it!

      I also sincerely hope that Deadpool has not disappeared; that underneath that scarless, handsome and spiky haired Wade Wilson, the same crazy and manic Deadpool exists. It's just going to be interesting to see how the manic side of Deadpool deals with the fact that he is now vulnerable and essentially mortal.

      I also don't think he's suddenly sane either. Just more self-aware.

    2. Yeah, he can't afford to mess around like he could with his healing factor.