Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In which I alter time...

Well, apparently autumn begins on September 23, thus bringing my summer project of reading a comic a day to an end. I, however, will be gone all this weekend for a wedding and will most likely not be able to update. I do intend to read a LOT of comics for this trip.

Therefore, I will blur the dates a little and claim today, being as it’s the three-month anniversary of the beginning of this blog, as the end of my summer expedition into comic book land.

I’ve read 76 comics and graphic novels during this project and had my opinions changed utterly in many ways. That’s awesome. I’ve become a lot more familiar with characters I’ve long since wanted to get into and most importantly and surprisingly (to myself at the start of this blog), I’ve become a genuine Marvel fan. Whoa. I’ve got to interact with a lot of awesome people because of this pet project of mine, which was definitely another major plus.

Anyway, I’m definitely not ending Fangirling Daily as I enjoy blogging about comic books far too much. Since school is picking up, however, I doubt that I will be able to update as regularly as I have been, though I fully intend to keep reading comics to balance out my graduate studies. I feel rather silly using the word “daily” in the title of this blog, however, if it’s no longer daily. How about Fangirling Weekly? Fangirling Sometimes? Fangirling Whenever I Get a Chance? Or just keep it because I’m just being a stickler. Your thoughts?


  1. A lot of people say they are going to produce something once a day on the net, but very few actually do it, so you’ve got an impressive achievement on your hands.

    Personally, I would advise that you adopt either a regular bi-weekly or tri-weekly model in order to maintain steady and healthy readership.

  2. Dearest Kerry,
    I have been a truly awful commenter on your blog, and for this I apologize. Bobby has been absent and he's ashamed to show his face here because it has taken so long for him to comment again.

    I am proud of you for finishing your project! I need a project like this. I want to start a series of Twin Peaks related prints... maybe I shall embark on that. I think the first one will be of Log Lady.

    Anyways, I will try not to be a stranger on here!

    Bobby & Kelly Briggs.

  3. @Kelly G Oh Bobby... soon we shall be parting ways but I shan't think of that now!

    Thank you for your kind words, Kelly and for always believing in me, Bobby. I wholly approve of the Twin Peaks prints project, along with Twin Peaks buttons, magnets, stamps, t-shirts and lamp shades. I request anything Hawk-related.

    Kerry Lynx